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Upon the script command %_brb (See footnote) the contact is sent a brb - xxxxx message. xxxx is replaced by a totally unbelievable reason for going away. Just a little joke script I made to spice up brb messages...

I'm always on the lookout for new brb reasons. Anyone that cares to submit more is very welcome to. Email them to me -- dev [at] caius [dot] name

If you wish to edit the script once you've installed it, that is possible, please see the end of this page for the how-to.

brb Lines:
  1. I am being viciously attacked by a maths book, please excuse me while I go and extract myself.
  2. My fridge is rampaging in next doors garden, I need to go cheer it on.
  3. My finger is stuck in the plug hole.
  4. My chiwawa has broken free and is eating kitchen knives.
  5. God has summoned me to the toilet.
  6. I have had an idea and need to feed it.
  7. The house is on fire.
  8. The neighbours have broken out of the padded room.
  9. The window's melting.
  10. My hair has internally combusted.
  11. My brain has been sighted running across the road.
  12. The hedgehog is skating in the sink again.
  13. Time to heat my watch.
  14. Must start the cat spin cycle.
  15. Seems my walls need ironing..
  16. Going to Reno.
  17. Lounging in bliss.
  18. There seems to be a problem with my toenails.
  19. *insert lame excuse here*
  20. Smoking pottery.
  21. Driving screws. Really fast!
  22. Connecting my neural networking hair extensions.
  23. My neighbour is complaining about cement in his mail box.
  24. Making modem noises for fun.
  25. Inventing spontaneous combustion.
  26. Hacking mainframes and shit.
  27. Gonna get some new shoes for my donkey.
  28. Trying to figure out the official AIM client... Don't wait up.
  29. Busy trying to cure my goldfish from its fear of water.
  30. The FBI just called, I'm wanted for a special mission.
  31. Doing brain surgery on myself... again.
  32. Memorising Chinese characters by heart... all 50.000 of them.
  33. Funny you should write me just now, I just /happen/ to be on my way out.
  34. Got a cake in the oven I need to check up on.
  35. Trying to convince Bill Gates to give up the whole Windows-concept, since it's not going anywhere.
  36. Trying to figure out how to give Paris Hilton the image of being an intelligent blond.
  37. Cracking codes for the CIA...
  38. Busy planning how to take over the world.
  39. Practising for the world pickled cow-tongue eating championship.
  40. The scabies are breeding again, gotta find some tweezers.
  41. I can see my neighbour undressing and oiling himself up, gotta stop him from wrestling my dog again.
  42. Both hands are busy... don't ask.
  43. The slaves are revolting again
  44. My sister is screaming at the imaginary gnomes again.
  45. I think I may have a third nipple.
  46. Going to talk to the Jehovah's Witnesses at my door naked.
  47. Planting apricot trees in my orchard.
  48. Getting beamed up by Scotty
  49. Can't sit down. Anyone have any toilet paper?
  50. Pea up the nostril again.
  51. Putting pinholes in my mate's condoms for an April Fool.
  52. Putting on my wetsuit to surf the web
  53. Brushing teeth. Chick was a dude.
  54. Recycling corn in bathroom.
  55. Throwing the ball around with my quadriplegic son.
  56. Need more peanuts for my pet elephant.
  57. Seriously, I'm almost out of minutes.
  58. Boosting my reproductive capacity via beer consumption.
  59. Corresponding with the dead.
  60. Putting on beer goggles.
  61. Fabricating a rubber donkey.
  62. Trying to levitate.
  63. Where's my lighter? I can feel a huge fart coming.
  64. Sharpening my blugeon.
  65. Combing my back-hair.
  66. Time for a full body shave.
  67. Mud wrestling a peacock.
  68. My penguin is giving birth.
  69. Just fallen through a crack in the space/time continuum. Leave me a message and I'll get back to you last week
  70. You don't want to know.
  71. I'm dancing with myself - oh oh oh oh

Footnote: /brb still works for legacy reasons, but I've also included %_brb so you can use it within a name, Caius - %_brb for example


v0.7 - 2007-02-04
v0.6 - 2006-09-19
v0.5 - 2006-07-24
v0.4 - 2006-02-04
v0.3 - 2005-10-15
v0.2 - 2005-04-02
v0.1 - 2005-04-01

How to edit the reasons & add your own

Firstly I'd go make sure you have the latest update as I rewrote the script to make it more user readable.

Basically the scripts for adium are bundles. You need to dig down into /Users/«your user name»/Library/Application\ Support/Adium\ 2.0/Scripts/ then right click brb.AdiumScripts and select Show Package Contents. Open Contents/Resources/brb.scpt in Script Editor.

All the quotes are in the main array (list), { "Quote 1", "Quote 2"}. The ¬ signifies a continuation of a line on the next line.

When you're done, save the file, and relaunch adium to make it recognise the new changes.

Hope that helps. :)

(To right click with a one button mouse, hold down control (⌃) and then click)